Premier Egg Donor Cycle

Donor Nexus is proud to offer our Premier Egg Donor Cycle for all intended parent(s) seeking an egg donor with a specific set of desirable traits, such as higher education, rare ethnicities, professional athletes, musicians, or models. Our Premier Egg Donor Program allows you to utilize one of our premium egg donors for a fresh or frozen donor egg cycle. We have many premier egg donors based in the US in addition to international donors.

Smart, Beautiful, Athletic Egg Donors

If you are specifically seeking a model egg donor, our egg donor database is consistently updated with donors who are international models, fashion models, and full-time models.

As you browse our premier donor profiles, you will see a variety of smart and ambitious young women. Many of our egg donors are also in the early stages of establishing themselves in respectable lines of work. Among the occupations, you will find fashion models, beauty pageant queens, actresses, tv hosts, social media influencers, and more.

For intended parent(s) who are seeking smart egg donors, many donors participating in our premier program have accomplished impressive academic milestones, such as engineering degrees, various graduate degrees, high SAT and ACT Scores, law degrees, medical degrees, and PHD candidates.

In addition to these genius egg donor traits, all of our egg donors also possess admirable personality traits. Understandably, all these women share a common character trait of compassion which is displayed by their desire to give the gift of life to another. They are beautiful inside and out. Among the desirable traits of our egg donors, you will find: rare ethnicities, creative talents, athletic abilities, and desirable physical characteristics. As you browse the database, you can filter donors by hair color, eye color, and ethnicity.


Premier Egg Donor Cycle

Starting at $32,800 USD

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a premier egg donor.

Because of the factors below, we often suggest the Intended Parent speaks to their designated fertility doctor prior to securing the egg donor. It is important that the fertility clinic is aware of the egg donor’s time and travel restrictions and approves the egg donor. If you have not established care with a fertility clinic we would be happy to refer you to a clinic we have worked with previously.

Timing: Premier egg donors often have very busy schedules. They are full time working models, professional athletes, or busy graduate students balancing school, research, and a full time job. It is important that the Intended Parent understands time is of the essence. These egg donors do not have 3-4 months to complete the cycle. The cycle needs to move quickly. Our working models have to forgo jobs while they are in the process of cycling.

Travel: Our premier egg donors, who are working models, spend a considerable amount of their time traveling between jobs. Some of the premier model donors may not be US citizens.

Zika: If an egg donor has residence in, or traveled to, an area with an increased risk for Zika transmission within the past 6 months, the egg donor is ineligible to donate as an ANONYMOUS donor. According to the CDC (as of April 2019), there are no areas with Zika outbreaks in the world. The egg donors are eligible as long as the donation is Directed. This means Intended Parent and the egg donor will share identifiable information and meet over a Zoom call. The Intended Parents fertility clinic will likely test the egg donor for ZIKA at medical screening just to be safe.

Accommodation: If the egg donor is currently not living in the US full time, the Intended Parent may be responsible for paying for her accommodation between medical screening and egg retrieval. This is another reason it is important to move the cycle quickly in order to help keep costs down for the Intended Parent.

Visas: Unless the donors have a working visa the donors cannot travel to the US for an egg donation cycle. The cycle must be completed within 90 days.

Language: Some of our premier egg donors speak English as a second language. If you request a Zoom call or phone call with the egg donor, we will provide a translator to help facilitate the call. We also use this same translator for the egg donors prescreen evaluations with the clinic, psychologist, and lawyers.

Browse Premier Egg Donor Profiles in Our Database 

When searching for an egg donor, many intended parent(s) have an ideal egg donor in mind. We understand that it’s important to find an egg donor with the characteristics you desire. For instance, it’s common for intended parent(s) to search for an egg donor with certain characteristics similar to their own. Perhaps their family values education and will prioritize searching for a ‘genius’ egg donor who has a love for learning as displayed by their academic accomplishments. The majority of our egg donors are college graduates, and many of them have already earned graduate degrees. Among our many genius egg donors, you will find that some profiles even share their GPA and SAT scores on their profiles. Additionally, many intended parent(s) seek an egg donor of a certain ethnicity, which is why our innovative database allows you to filter by ethnicity. Our beautiful egg donors come from a variety of backgrounds, each offering their own unique characteristics.

Contact Us to Find Out More About the Premier Egg Donor Cycle

Whether your ideal choice is a beautiful egg donor, a genius egg donor, an athletic egg donor, or any other desirable traits – we will help you find the perfect match. With the Premier Egg Donor Cycle, you receive the benefits of having access to rare, one of a kind egg donors. We are happy to schedule either a Zoom, phone, or in-person consultation with you to go over all your options and review premier donor profiles together.

Additional Options

Zoom Meeting with Egg Donor

We offer in-person or Zoom meetings for you to get to know the egg donor prior to confirming the match, as long as the egg donor agrees to the meeting. To facilitate the meeting, we will collect a non-refundable $500, which will be put toward our cycle fees if you move forward with our agency.

Putting an Egg Donor on Hold

If you would like to “hold” an egg donor for one week, you can do so by paying a $500 non-refundable hold fee. If you elect to move forward with the cycle, the $500 will be put towards your agency fee.

  • Financial Breakdown
  • Gender Selection
  • Genetic Testing
There are additional fees associated with the recruitment of these egg donors as well as high donor compensation and travel expenses. Typically, Donor Nexus Premier Egg Donor Cycles begin at $32,800 USD. Please contact us today to get more detailed information about the cost of a premier egg donor.
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