It's National Infertility Awareness Week! Apr 22, 2022 | by Donor Nexus

Mark your calendars, National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW 2022) is the week of April 24th-30th. At Donor Nexus, we are passionate about NIAW because it gives us an opportunity to recognize, honor, and fight for people who are fighting to have a family. We have shared some resources below to help you prepare for NIAW!

What is NIAW? 

NIAWFounded in 1989 by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Awareness Association, NIAW is the largest public awareness campaign that addresses infertility.

The goal of the NIAW campaign is to change the conversation around infertility. By highlighting stories and issues that the community faces, NIAW does more than create awareness. NIAW is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to rally together to show support for the millions of couples and individuals that struggle with infertility. 

NIAW 2022: How Donor Nexus Shows Support

RESOLVE has challenged businesses to talk about how they support patients and infertility awareness. Did you know that Donor Nexus is a proud partner of RESOLVE? We also partner with several other incredible organizations, including: SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy) and Family Equality.

We aim to show our support of the infertility community through everything we do at Donor Nexus! First and foremost, we work relentlessly towards our mission of making donor eggs and donor embryos accessible to help couples and individuals build their families. We understand that each journey is unique and so we offer flexible programs that can be tailored to fit the specific needs and desires of each couple or individual.

Additionally, we recently launched the first ever donor database app to make finding an egg donor, frozen donor eggs, or donor embryos easier than ever before. We continue to look for opportunities to serve this community and shed light on the beautiful, unique paths to parenthood that third party reproduction offers. You can find many resources and personal stories in our blog.

NIAW 2022: “We Can All” 

The NIAW 2022 campaign theme is #WeCanAll. What does it mean? Instead of responding to individuals with infertility with “Why don’t you just…” sentiments, RESOLVE is encouraging everyone to respond to infertility with a “We can all” approach. What can we all do to remove the stigmas surrounding infertility?

  • We can all spread awareness and information about infertility
  • We can all discuss barriers that those in the infertility community face 
  • We can all work towards normalizing donor conception by sharing personal stories and informing others of treatments such as donor eggs or donor embryos
  • We can all support organizations like RESOLVE who advocate for access to care, insurance coverage, support, community, and education
  • We can all submit a proclamation request to our local city representatives to commemorate NIAW locally
  • We can all empower and support those we know who face infertility

#WeCanAll normalize the conversation surrounding third party reproduction and shed light on the beautiful opportunity donor conception provides for many couples and individuals.

Let’s Show Our Support!

Participate on Social Media: RESOLVE is hosting online events every day of NIAW.

NIAW 2022

Learn more about the 5-Day Photo Challenge here:

Additionally, visit this page on the NIAW website to look through opportunities for fundraising and other ways to show your support. 

You Are Not Alone

Regardless of how you choose to spend NIAW, know that there are resources available for you and millions of people rallying together to show their support for YOU. Learn more about NIAW 2022 by visiting

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