6 Tips for Emotionally Dealing with Infertility Feb 18, 2020 | by Donor Nexus

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding how to deal with infertility emotions. We understand the feelings of loss and grief you may be experiencing, and we hope these simple reminders will help bring you some comfort during this time, especially #6 as it’s the most important for all parents-to-be!

How to Deal With Infertility Emotions

1. Get Outdoors

We get it, the emotional impact of infertility can be draining and make you want to just hide away from the world. However, being outdoors is just so good for you! Research shows that spending time outdoors is beneficial for your overall health - mind, body, and soul. Make the time for yourself, whether it’s a little walk around the neighborhood, a weekend getaway to the mountains, or a day at the beach. It’s scientifically proven that being outdoors brings mental clarity, boosts your energy, and enhances motivation. And, of course, getting outside means that you are putting your body into motion - which is another way of saying EXERCISE, which we all know the importance of!

2. Spend Your Time with the Right People and in the Right Places

If there’s a particular event you’re dreading, or a certain person who just makes your levels of anxiety go through the roof, we hereby empower you to simply say no. Being honest to yourself and staying true to your needs is more important than pleasing others. Don’t feel obligated to always say yes, and more than likely, others will understand. Health professionals agree that high levels of stress are detrimental to your health, and your health should be your main priority during this time.
However, it’s also important to not completely isolate yourself. Struggling with emotions of infertility can feel very lonely, so leaning on friends, family, and loved ones during this time is very important. Additionally, talking with a qualified therapist can ease the emotional stresses of infertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant. Even if you think this is out of your comfort zone, we encourage you to at least give it a shot!

3. Give Yourself Some Grace & Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself while processing the emotions of infertility is important for your future family. In this blog post, we share some tips!

While you are in the midst of processing the emotional effects of infertility, we want to remind you that your self-care during this time in your journey is imperative to your future family. First, take a moment to reflect on your journey and give yourself credit for your strength and perseverance. Then, take time for yourself to do the things you love. Whether it’s that old forgotten hobby that you were once so passionate about, or even if it’s snuggling up and watching rom-coms, we just encourage you to divulge in the activities that bring you the most peace. Find your own way of coping that feels right to you and don’t forget to take care of yourself. 

Our favorite self-care go-to’s include:

  • Bubble baths
  • Face masks
  • Taking a drive with the windows down & music up
  • Trying something new - maybe a yoga or pilates class!
  • Cooking a healthy meal

4. Be Mindful of Social Media Consumption

The information we take in has more of an effect on our attitude than we realize, including our time scrolling through social media! Take a moment to assess your social media consumption -- is it having a positive or negative effect on your attitude?

If you’re finding yourself feeling emotional after browsing social media, take the time to understand what’s triggering your negative emotions. Consider taking a break from social media or changing up your news feed by becoming involved in the TTC (trying to conceive) community online.

Get Connected

Both online and in-person support groups offer a great environment to feel understood, become a part of a supportive community, and find hope in the stories of other infertile women and men. We recommend reaching out to Resolve as they have support groups all over the country that you can attend. 
Some of our favorite Instagram accounts:

  • @ttctribe
  • @cofertility
  • @fertilitysmarts
  • @the.ivf.warrior
  • @infertility.nutritionist
  • @ivfmumblings

5. Serve Others

Sometimes, the best therapy is simply getting lost in the service of others. Find opportunities to volunteer in your community, spend some time with fur babies at your local animal shelter, or just perform little random acts of kindness for strangers. A little kindness never hurt anyone, and you just might find your own spirits being lifted in the process!

6. Don't Lose Hope

We know that the infertility journey can be long and hard. But, as we know from our years of experience, the journey is ultimately filled with hope as infertile couples and individuals find ways to achieve their dreams of parenthood. In a time where there are many fertility treatments available, we hope that you realize that there is no shame in taking advantage of the advancements in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to significantly improve your chances of starting or growing your family. If you have any questions about using donor eggs or donor embryos, our team is available to answer your questions.

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