Donor Nexus’ First Time Egg Donor Guarantee™

As part of our Fresh Egg Donor Cycle, we offer a First Time Egg Donor Guarantee to intended parents who choose to use a first time egg donor. 

Our Vision

If your chosen egg donor does not pass one of her prescreen evaluations, we will transfer 100% of your deposit onto another Donor Nexus egg donor of your choosing. In this situation, all fees that have already been paid in relation to your first egg donor (including legal fees, psychological evaluation, and donor reimbursements) will not be your responsibility.

Our Guarantee 

We believe that choosing an egg donor is one of the most important decisions of your life. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what is best for you. Whether your dream egg donor is a first-time donor or a proven donor, we offer the First Time Donor Guarantee to ensure that your decision is not swayed by fear or worry associated with using a first time egg donor. Instead, we have a hope that our patients feel comfortable in choosing an egg donor that has the most important qualities that they want to see in their children. The goal of our First Time Egg Donor Guarantee is to allow intended parents to truly explore all of their options and feel confident in choosing their dream egg donor, knowing that they will be financially protected in the rare chance that she does not pass one of her prescreen evaluations.

Our vision is to match each intended parent with their absolute, best possible, dream egg donor. 

Why We Offer This Guarantee 

Fertility doctors tend to recommend using proven egg donors who have completed successful cycles previously. Understandably, many intended parents will prioritize choosing a proven egg donor because 1.) the proven donor has already completed prescreen evaluations and 2.) the proven egg donor has already experienced the entire process, including the cycle medications, so it is apparent that their body responds well to the treatment. With these factors taken into consideration, previous egg donors tend to request higher compensation than first time egg donors. Although there are advantages of using proven donors, there are other consequences involved when intended parents feel pressured into limiting their selection to only proven egg donors. When intended parents feel pressured into limiting their egg donor selection to strictly proven egg donors, there is a possibility that they are missing out on being matched with a first time egg donor who may offer everything that they were hoping for. 

How the First Time Donor Guarantee Benefits Intended Parents

With our First Time Egg Donor Guarantee, we are aiming to alleviate the nervousness that intended parents may feel with choosing a first-time egg donor over a proven egg donor. If your intuition is telling you, “she’s the one,” but you feel hesitant because she is a first time donor, this program is for you. Browse hundreds of beautiful egg donors from different backgrounds, each offering a variety of unique characteristics, talents, achievements, and personalities. Confidently choose your dream egg donor, knowing that Donor Nexus will take care of you if the prescreen evaluations do not go as planned. 

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