Gender Selection

At Donor Nexus, we partner with top fertility clinics and can help arrange genetic testing and gender selection tests before embryo transfer.

Gender Selection Embryo Adoption/Donation

If genetic testing has already been performed on donated embryos, you will find the sex chromosomes of the embryo listed on the online profile. Although we offer embryo donation cycles, we have options for open or semi-open donations, which are similar to embryo adoptionRegister now to browse our database!

How Does IVF Gender Selection Work?

Before your embryo transfer, you can request PGT-A testing on your embryos. Sex chromosomes are identified through PGT-A testing, so you can also know what sex each embryo has before the transfer. During PGT-A testing, the specialist will examine the genetic makeup of the embryos to screen for genetic diseases and sex chromosomes. Then, the physician will only use the healthy embryos of your desired gender for implantation. With PGT-A testing, the chances of achieving your desired gender are very high.

Why Do Some Intended Parents Seek Gender Selection?

We welcome patients from around the world to participate in our egg donation and embryo donation programs. We understand that for many couples and individuals, the ability to choose the gender of their baby is very important. Most commonly, intended parent(s) seek gender selection for family balancing purposes. Many patients come to us once they have already had 2-3 children of one sex, and are now in their 40’s and interested in having a baby of the opposite sex. However, there are other instances where the intended parent(s) seek gender selection due to medical reasons; some diseases can only be genetically passed down to a baby of a certain sex.

Gender selection in California using donor eggs or donor embryos. Learn more!

If you are seeking gender selection IVF using donor eggs or donor embryos, Donor Nexus offers various programs with the option of PGT-A testing your embryos. Our agency is located in Newport Beach, California; a coastal city in Orange County, California. We are less than 50 miles from Los Angeles and less than 90 miles from San Diego.

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Since our establishment in 2012, Donor Nexus has helped grow over 1,200 families with our egg donation and embryo donation programs. We partner with top fertility clinics to offer our patients the highest chance of success. We believe every couple or individual who dreams of being a parent should have the opportunity to pursue that dream, and we are here to help. If you are seeking gender selection using donor eggs or donor embryos, contact us today to get started!

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