Independent Match Embryo Coordination

Independent Match Embryo Coordination 

Donor Nexus offers Independent Match Coordination to help embryo donor(s) and recipient(s) who have found each other on their own through a referral, social media, online forum, or any other avenue without the help of a third party. As the Agency, Donor Nexus will serve as the Independent Match Coordinator between the embryo donor(s) and embryo recipient(s) as well as their fertility clinics and laboratories. 

Throughout the embryo donation process, we will facilitate communication between all parties involved, guide the donor(s) and the recipient(s), and oversee all paperwork and other logistics involved in the transfer of the embryos. Understandably, there are many logistics involved in the embryo donation process.

With this service, both parties can be assured that all specifications are being supervised by a team of experienced industry professionals.


What’s Included in Our Independent Match Coordination:

  • Facilitating communication between all parties involved, including laboratories, storage facilities, and fertility clinics. 
    • We will supervise all communications between the laboratory or storage facility where the embryos are currently located and HRC Fertility Newport Beach, where the embryos will be transferred.
  • Coordinating transportation of the embryos. 
  • Organizing all required paperwork involved in the transfer.
  • Outlining all costs involved, including legal, storage, transportation, and administrative. 
    • Generally, the embryo recipient(s) will be responsible for all fees.
  • Referral to experienced fertility lawyers for a detailed legal agreement and contract. 
    • Both parties (donors and recipients) will be referred to separate legal counsel.
  • Communicating all important aspects of the embryo donation, such as addressing any stipulations the embryo donor(s) may have for the recipient(s).
  • If an egg or sperm donor was used to create the embryos, we will work with the embryo donor(s) clinic to confirm eligibility for donation to a third party. 
  • Orchestrating and covering costs of additional blood work for the donor father, if necessary.


We take any guesswork out of the process, making the entire process as simple as possible for both embryo donor(s) and embryo recipient(s).

Who Benefits From This Service

• Intended parent(s) who have established a connection with another couple or individual who may be willing to donate their leftover embryos to be used by the intended parent(s).

• Donor parents, or individuals who have leftover embryos that they would like to donate to someone they have established a connection with on their own.

Requirements for the Embryo Recipient

• The embryo recipient will need to travel to our partner fertility clinic, HRC Fertility in Newport Beach, California for the embryo transfer. The recipient will be required to spend a total of four days nearby.

• The recipient will be responsible for the transportation costs and legal fees for both parties.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Our Independent Match Coordination starts at $6,500 USD, which includes all the aforementioned services. 

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