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Donor Nexus is a leading egg donation agency and egg bank located in Southern California, USA, working with egg donors and intended parents throughout Cape Town and all of South Africa. With a proven track record of success, flexible options (open ID, open, or closed donations), and personalized one-on-one support, our programs attract egg donors and intended parents worldwide! Learn about how we can help you, browse our donor database (for intended parents), or apply to become an egg donor today. If you have any additional questions, you can contact our team and we will be glad to assist you.

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Find an Egg Donor

We provide several proven programs for intended parents seeking donor eggs. Our egg donors can travel to your fertility clinic in South Africa or we can ship frozen eggs directly to your clinic for your IVF cycle. As a third-party agency, we partner with your IVF clinic to provide access to donor eggs.

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Donate eggs in Orange County, California, with Donor Nexus Egg Bank. Top-Rated. Learn more!

Become an Egg Donor

Egg donors in South Africa have the opportunity to travel to California or elsewhere for their egg donation cycle. We cover all travel expenses and offer generous compensation for your time and effort. Learn more about the requirements and discover if donating your eggs is the right choice for you. 

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We're Experienced in Coordinating International Egg Donation Cycles

As an international egg donation agency, we have experience coordinating cycles in many countries. Our knowledge, expertise, and experience in international egg donation cycle coordination lends itself to optimal outcomes and an overall more positive experience for our intended parents and egg donors.

In the video below, mother via frozen donor eggs Victoria Nino (IG: @expectinganything) shares her experience with Donor Nexus. Intended parents, we hope this video gives you hope for what's to come. Egg donors, we hope this video helps you realize what a profound impact egg donation can make!


Donor Nexus is an Orange County egg donation agency offering top-rated programs for intended parents and egg donors. Learn more!


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Donor Nexus proudly facilitates donor egg cycles throughout California - in our home of Orange CountyLos Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and beyond; ArizonaUtah; TexasColorado; OregonFlorida; MichiganIndiana; and throughout the United States. As an international agency, we also work with intended parents and egg donors throughout Australia, Canada, and worldwide.

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