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Use donated embryos with the Donor Nexus embryo donation program

Use Donated Embryos

The Donor Nexus embryo donation program provides both embryo donors and embryo recipients with options for open, semi-open, or closed donations.

Embryo Donation Program
Use donor eggs with the Donor Nexus egg donation programs

Use Donor Eggs

Donor Nexus offers a variety of egg donation programs, including options for using fresh or frozen donor eggs. Our programs provide affordable options with high success rates.

Donor Egg Programs

Our Donor Egg Programs

In a Fresh One-On-One Cycle, one egg donor is matched with one set of intended parents. Learn more!

Fresh One-On-One Egg Donor Cycle

The Fresh One-On-One Cycle matches one couple or individual recipient with one egg donor. Wide variety of egg donors and program options.

Program Overview
The Donor Nexus Egg Bank ships frozen donor eggs worldwide for intended parents interested in using donor eggs for IVF. Learn more!

Frozen Donor Egg Cycle

Frozen donor eggs from the Donor Nexus Egg Bank can be shipped to fertility clinics worldwide.

Program Overview
Find Premier egg donors in the Donor Nexus online donor database. Register now!

Premier Egg Donor Cycle

The Premier Cycle is ideal for intended parents seeking an egg donor with desirable traits, such as higher education.

Program Overview

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Our user-friendly online database gives you the opportunity to browse through donor profiles based on the program they are participating in. You can also filter search results for specific characteristics you are looking for.

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Our egg donors come from a variety of backgrounds, each offering unique characteristics. Don’t forget to save your favorites so we can review their profiles together when you are ready!

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If you have any questions, our team is always here to help! We would be happy to connect with you via phone, email, or video conference to discuss your options regarding specific donors and our program offerings.

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Donor embryo success rates


Over one thousand babies born via egg donation and embryo donation through our programs. Learn more!


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Our Donor Programs

Give the Potential Gift of Life

The Donor Nexus Egg Donor Program Donate Leftover Embryos

Boutique Egg Donor Agency and Donor Egg Bank in Southern California

Donor Nexus is an international egg donor agency, donor egg bank, and embryo donation agency located in Newport Beach, California, working with donors and intended parents worldwide. We are passionate about helping create families and are honored to be a part of your journey.

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Since our establishment in 2012, Donor Nexus has helped grow over 1,100 families using donor eggs or donor embryos.

“We are SO excited and still cannot believe how blessed we are! We are so grateful to have made it to this point in our journey and we are so grateful to our donors, Donor Nexus and Dr. Potter for being such an integral part of it! We definitely have an incredible story to share with our children because of all of you!

– AF, Intended Parent

“We are enjoying our baby and we just love him so much!! Thank you again for this amazing gift- I’m so forever grateful. My pregnancy was so wonderful and I am really looking forward to everything. Thank you both again for all you have done for me. It’s amazing what you do for people. My dreams have come true!!”

– BM, Intended Parent, Northern California

“Our hearts are bursting with joy and love for this precious little girl! Our family is complete, and again, I definitely have you to thank for that. If you weren’t so kind, supportive, and helpful when I initially reached out to Donor Nexus we wouldn’t be holding our daughter in our arms. We would probably still be reaching out to other places and barely getting any responses back or being put on 2-3-year wait lists. I can’t tell you how happy we all are, and I hope you know what an important role you play in the lives of people searching for donor embryos and how much it’s appreciated!!”

– MC, Intended Parent, Pennsylvania

“This was truly an amazing process. In fact, we are thinking about doing it again in the future, if possible. Thank you for existing, because of you, we have her!”

– SV, Intended Parent, Colorado

“I’m so excited! I can’t believe my dreams are coming true. Thank you so much for helping make this possible!”

– MJ, Intended Parent, Southern California

“Donor Nexus helped us achieve our dream of becoming parents! The team is very professional and has access to great fertility resources. They helped walk us through every step of the decision process so you are never alone. We welcomed our twins in December 2017 and we could not have done it without Donor Nexus.”

– AW, Intended Parent, Orange County, California

“I’ve been talking about how beautiful embryo donation is and how it has given us this dream that we never thought possible. I will always carry the message of Donor Nexus and hope I get this opportunity to bring this baby or babies into this world so that they can be the example of what a wonderful program it is!”

– AW, Intended Parent, Orange County, California

“I can’t believe my journey has come to an end with IVF. It has been a long painful 10 years of my life to conceive both kids. I want to say a big thank you for your support and understanding! I am so glad I turned to your clinic and agency. I made the right choice. My son is a very proud big brother. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of a life-changing miracle!”

– SK, Intended Parent, Australia

“We are so very excited! Thank you for your help in making this experience so easy. I will absolutely recommend Donor Nexus. We had been to 3 other doctors who had told us there was a 2-year waiting list for donated embryos. Finding this program was a godsend. You, Donor Nexus, and HRC made this process so easy and comfortable for us.”

– JD, Intended Parent, Orange County, California

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Donor Nexus egg donor agency partners with SEEDS Donor Nexus, California egg donor agency, partners with RESOLVE Donor Nexus proudly partners with Family Equality to make egg donation and embryo donation accessible for all loving couples and individuals.

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