Egg Donation Australia

Egg Donation Australia: Our Process

For our intended parents who live in Australia, we partner with Demeter Fertility in Sydney to ship frozen donor eggs. To ensure the frozen eggs are New South Whales compliant, the egg donors must complete a counseling session with a therapist in Sydney via FaceTime or Zoom.

Recipients have two options for accessing the frozen eggs without traveling:

1. Choose frozen eggs that are already on the database. We ship in cohorts of 6 and the cycle price starts at $18,000 USD. Since the eggs are already frozen, we can ship the eggs right away. 

2. If there are no frozen eggs available that the recipient is interested in, the recipient can pick a fresh egg donor. Donor Nexus will cycle the egg donor, freeze her eggs and ship either 1 cohort fo eggs or all of the eggs the donor retrieves (on average 16-22). The cost to ship 1 cohort of eggs from a fresh egg donor starts at $28,500 USD. The cost to ship all of the eggs from a fresh donor starts at $40,000 USD. The exact cost depends on the specific donor’s compensation and location in relation to our fertility clinic.  

This process takes a bit longer since we have to screen the egg donor and schedule her IVF cycle. Usually the process takes 3-5 months from the time you choose the egg donor to when the eggs arrive in Sydney.

Why Do Australian Patients Choose Donor Nexus for Egg Donation Cycles?

Many Australian patients seek embryo donation and egg donation treatments in the United States because the pool of available and eligible donors is extremely small in Australia. This means that the wait times for egg donors can be long and you are not able to choose an egg donor with the characteristics you most desire. Patients also travel to the US for egg donor treatments if they are seeking gender selection for family balancing which is currently outlawed in Australia.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, visit our page on Becoming an Egg Donor to learn more.

Australian Egg Donor Registry

Currently, there are over 250 available egg donors in the Donor Nexus database. Our egg donor database features several Aussie egg donors. Our egg donors are from ares throughout the USA and around the world. Egg donors are willing to travel for the egg retrieval process, so you do not have to feel limited in your selection. To browse our Australian egg donor registry, simply create your password-protected account then receive free and instant access to the database.

Egg Donors for Families in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Throughout all of Australia

Donor Nexus is committed to providing exceptional care to our Australian patients. We have worked with egg donors and intended parents from Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and other areas of Australia. Additionally, we have spent time in Sydney facilitating relationships with IVF centers and learning how to best support our Australian patients. Visit our Egg Donation Program Page for an overview of the multiple programs we offer and the costs involved. Visit our International Options Page for a brief outline of the process an Australian egg donation patient might expect. We are always available to provide more specific information and answer any questions.

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