The Importance of the Egg Donor Screening Process

Here at Donor Nexus we take pride in the service we provide to our intended parents. We understand that our intended parents are entrusting us with the very important job of providing honest and accurate information on each egg donor. It is important to us that intended parents feel informed, comfortable and supported throughout their entire journey with Donor Nexus, but especially when making the decision on which egg donor to choose.

We diligently screen and interview the egg donors to ensure the information they provide to Donor Nexus is accurate, truthful, and complete. Below is a brief description of the process each Donor Nexus egg donor undergoes prior to completing a cycle.


  • When a potential egg donor is interested in becoming an egg donor, our staff will send the potential egg donor questionnaires to find out detailed information relating to their health, family history, academic history and personality. The questionnaires allow us to prescreen the potential egg donors for any issues that would disqualify them from becoming an egg donor.


  • Along with questionnaires we also request that the potential egg donors send photos that would clearly express their features, so that intended parents can clearly identify physical characteristics that they may be interested in. We also ask each egg donor to provide us with a range of photos so our intended parents can see photos of the egg donors throughout their entire life, not just childhood or adult life. If the egg donor feels comfortable, we also request photos of their family members.

Conference Call or In Person Meeting:

  • Once the potential donor passes our first set of prescreen evaluations, we schedule either an in person meeting for our local donors or a Skype conference call with each potential donor. The main purpose of these interviews is to get a better feel for the egg donor’s personality as well as go over the egg donation process in detail.
  • During the meeting we look for egg donors who are confident in their decision to become an egg donor and understand the expectations required of them throughout the process. We also look for egg donors who understand that being an egg donor is a privilege. It is important they understand that there are hundreds of other egg donors who would love to be chosen. This meeting also allows the egg donor to get to know us and ask questions.
  • There are certain red flags we look for during these meetings that would warrant us to disqualify a potential egg donor. Some signs that a donor may not be a optimal candidate are:
    • Those who do not ask questions and are solely focused on when and how much money they are going to be paid
    • Those who are unable or unwilling to provide documentation for academic and health history
    • Those who seem concerned that they will have to abstain from certain activities when in cycle
    • Those who do not have a reliable form of transportation
    • Those who have not told anyone about becoming an egg donor

Once a potential egg donor has passed the first set of prescreen evaluations, a profile is put together and uploaded to our database for intended parents to view.

Once intended parents have chosen a potential egg donor, a second set of prescreen evaluations take place. The second set of evaluations consists of a psychological, medical, genetic and legal consult.  What each evaluation entails:


  • The psychological evaluation involves the donor speaking to a psychologist and completing a MMPI personality test. This is done primarily to make sure that the potential egg donor understands the implications of becoming an egg donor and is emotionally prepared to undergo the process.  It also gives the intended parents more insight into their personality.


  • Several tests are performed during this evaluation to ensure the egg donor will be a suitable candidate. They have ovarian reserve testing completed, a genetic blood panel to determine if they are a carrier of any genetic disease, and a drug and STD panel.

Genetic Counseling:

  • The egg donor will speak to a genetic counselor to discuss the donor’s family health history. This is done to check for any family history of illness and disease such as alcoholism, drug abuse, or a history of cancer.


  • The potential egg donor will meet with an attorney to go over the egg donor contract. This gives the egg donor an opportunity to fully understand what is required of them during the egg donor process and have any of their questions answered.

Once the second set of prescreen evaluations are completed the egg donors can proceed with a cycle. The intended parents can request a copy of the prescreen evaluations with all identifying information removed.

As you can see, it is a fairly complicated and thorough screening process. Approximately 1 in 4 egg donors will be disqualified during the prescreen process. Although it can be extremely disappointing for an intended parent to have an egg donor “screen out”, it is important that we perform each of these steps to ensure the best possible outcome for both the egg donor and intended parent.

As the middleman in this process, Donor Nexus is committed to providing both our intended parents and egg donors with the best possible care and experience.

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