What Are My Options When Using Donor Embryos?

Anonymous vs. Open Embryo Donation

At Donor Nexus, our flexible embryo donation program offers anonymous and open embryo donation. We also provide “in-between” options to satisfy the wishes of both the embryo donors (donor parents) and the recipients (intended parents).  

As stated by RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association:

“Many IVF clinics only offer anonymous embryo donation. The IVF clinic takes responsibility for the matching process, and you may have no say, or limited say, in the selection of the recipient. The clinic makes the match based on their first-hand knowledge of both couples.”

Unlike many other embryo donation agencies, we give patients options for open, semi-open, or anonymous embryo donation cycles. While most of our embryo donors choose anonymous donations, we have also included options for known and semi-known donations to ensure that our program can be tailored to fit the specific desires of couples and individuals donating their embryos and all loving recipients

Anonymous Embryo Donation

In an anonymous donation, there will be no identification or contact established between the donors and recipients. We will share non-identifying information about the donor parents on the donor embryo profile for interested recipients to see.

Anonymous Embryo Donation with Stipulations

We understand that for various personal reasons, embryo donors may have certain wishes for the recipients of their frozen embryos. Even in an anonymous embryo donation, donors may address stipulations they have for the recipients. 

An example of a common stipulation is, “donor parents are requesting that embryos are donated to married couples.” 

We will list the stipulations on the donor embryo profile. This allows donors peace of mind in knowing that their embryos will be matched with intended parent(s) who meets their requirements. 

Open Embryo Donation

At times, donor parents will request to have contact with the intended parent once a positive, ongoing pregnancy occurs or a live birth. The intended parent(s) will be required to sign an addendum which gives the agency consent to provide their contact information to the embryo donors once a pregnancy is achieved. 

Open or semi-open embryo donation relationships vary from yearly phone calls and photos to contact for medical necessity.

Similar to Embryo Adoption

Although the terms ‘embryo donation’ and ‘embryo adoption’ are sometimes used interchangeably, there are important differences to note. However, participating in an open embryo donation offers very similar benefits to adopting an embryo. Donor Nexus has served many intended parents who were initially seeking to 'adopt' embryos. If you have any further questions, please inquire with our team for more information! 

Empowering Intended Parents to Make Informed Decisions

Whether you prefer an open or anonymous donation, or somewhere in-between, we are here for you. We make sure to thoroughly understand and respect the wishes of the embryo donors and recipients -- allowing us to facilitate the perfect match! 

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