African American Egg Donors

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At Donor Nexus, we have a diverse selection of available egg donors from many ethnicities, including African American. Our goal is to help Intended Parent(s) find their perfect egg donor. For many Intended Parent(s), their primary concern is to find an egg donor who shares their ethnicity and other characteristics. Whether you are seeking an African American egg donor with a specific heritage, or if you are seeking a black egg donor with a darker or lighter complexion, Donor Nexus can assist you. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor…skip ahead!

African American Egg Donor Database

At Donor Nexus, our mission is to help all families achieve their dreams of parenthood through successful egg donation and embryo donation programs. We offer the highest standard of care and expertise to all our patients. We currently have several African American egg donors available in our egg donor database to be matched with recipients. To browse donor profiles, register now for free and instant access to browse profiles.

Donor Nexus is located in Newport Beach, California – a coastal city in Orange County about 45 miles from Los Angeles and 90 miles to San Diego. Our African American egg donors are located in various areas around the world and are willing to travel for their cycle. Donor Nexus attracts patients from around the world with our exceptional success rates and compassionate care.

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